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Thursday, January 03, 2019


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Lucia Antonelli

Hi..I had a disappointing experience at The Farmhouse on Dec. 9th. There were 4 of us who were having a celebratory dinner that cost us $800!
While the ambiance was divine, and most of the food was perfect, the service was not great and my main fish entre was NOT GOOD! The fish was not fresh...rather than make an issue of it, being an elegant evening in dress up clothes, I just kept eating hoping I was wrong...not once did our server come to our table after he took our order to check on us. My husband tasted my entre, and agreed completely. I finally spoke to 3 managerial people and the server..humble apologies came..the entre was removed from the check.I felt that my entire meal should have been compt! I decided to write a lovely, and very thoughtful letter to the chef, singing his praises, while expressing the sadness of my experience. Beings a ONE Star Michelin restaurant, one would assume the chef would want to know about my dining experience...NOT so...I never heard back!! Suffice it to say, I will never go back. If I could write this story to someone who cared, I would. Sorry that Michael Bauer is gone! Here's to a Happy Foody New Year!!!

frances rivetti

Sorry to hear of your disappointing experience Lucia, when I’ve dined our with friends in the restaurant business I’ve learned what makes a great dining establishment maintain its reputation and that is always how the customer is treated and made to feel respected. I hope you hear back from them.

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