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Friday, May 25, 2012


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Frances, I loved this story, my favorite that you have ever written and that I have read. I look over at my ten-year old son watching a movie and know that he will never know just how lucky he is. Then again, maybe he's not so lucky. Maybe Louie is the lucky one. Thank you Frances and thank you Louie for being an inspiration to all of us.

Frank Simpson

It took me a little time to recall...and then to find...the book I was seeking. "Moyers on America" by Bill Moyers. Specifically page 96. I will quote from part of it as I believe it fits the spirit of this article: "If you look closely at the fabric of civilization which overlays the passions of this race, you will discover it held together with tiny rows of thread stitched by the hands of anonymous folk. No community makes it without them; no school, no church, no neighborhood or society....Anonymous? Yes. Except to those who know them."


That's beautiful, Frank, good memory!

Mary Dene Etter

I have said for many years that being a crossing guard -- and a preacher's wife -- are two of the most difficult jobs I can imagine. Thank you to all crossing guards for assuming so much responsibility!

Diana Gomez

Thank you Frances. This was a beautoful article..

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