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Thursday, May 10, 2012


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Bill Hammerman

As I stated on Frank's blog site,
great job Frances! Your interview with Fernando was well done. I'm certain that the number of visitors to American Alley will increase greatly over the next several days.

fernandon nugent

Great story France, im very Grateful for your kind words......very awesome.


You are welcome, Fernando, it was a pleasure to work on this story and so glad we were able to connect to get this on the public record.

Rachel A

I can't believe the timing on this post! I will text you my pic from yesterday evening... I've lived the majority of my 38 years in Petaluma and I had never (until last night) driven down American Alley.. I wanted to take more than one pic but I settled for the one I will send you. I foresee a leisurely walk down A. Alley in my near future. Thanks so much for writing about it! Can't wait to take a look...

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