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Thursday, January 20, 2011


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I watched a couple of episodes of that when I was back there in December. Very, very good and I love that guy Matthew MacFadyen, he's kind of another Ewan...


I had a bit of a panic attack last night when I couldn't find the half-read paperback. Retraced my steps (a familiar necessity) and failed to locate it amongst the 10,000 books laying around my house. Found it this morning in the glove box of the old Suburban - I must have stashed it there en-route to a myriad of locales yesterday morning. Suffice to say, I am gripped.


Was there an iPhone lying with it?


No Lindsey, 'fraid not, though I was beginning to think we had a little gremlin in hiding around here, spiriting off my favorite things. Why it would target me only, I cannot imagine, could it be a waning ability for extreme multi-tasking? The Italian Husband was convinced as I wandered around huffing and puffing, turning back covers and checking the freezer in search of lost reading material, that there might be a secret place in the house that contains a treasure trove of misplaced earrings, iphones and the like.


Lol!! Can anybody spell Alzheimers?


Wasn't that keen on Matthew McFadyen as Darcy, though.

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