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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


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Mark Morritt

Thanks, Frances. The recipe looks good and I may even try it at home this year. Now, can you do the same PR job on the brilliant and yet much maligned traditional christmas pudding?


Ohhhh, I might have to make one now - this has really given me an appetite for fruit cake....
And Mark, I totally agree, Christmas pudding is divine!


No on the mince pies, and major no on the Christmas pud, but I could eat Christmas cake till it's coming out of my ears. I think it's all that sugar and marzipanny goodness...


Lindsey and Mark, this recipe was adapted from a page, kindly torn out of a cookbook in Elaine's kitchen in Crowland (she ripped it out, not me)many years ago. It must have been the cookbook she had when she was first married. It is getting a bit tattered and torn and batter splattered, as you can imagine, but the cake always comes out great. I'm not so adept at Christmas pud - would give it another go if you all were here in California for Christmas dinner!


Frances, I can't wait until we're frequenting London cafes eating cake and mince pies...Lesley, as a Northerner, do you have that strange custom of eating it with cheese like they do in Yorkshire???


Frances, I too am the only one in my house who likes Christmas cake. Is your cake dark or light. I usually make a light cake. I too love Christmas pudding with white sauce and mincemeat...mmmm!

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