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Monday, March 29, 2010


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I'm commenting on my own post in this instance to add some perspective to my take on the current political environment during a turbulent economic period here in Petaluma(CA)history. Here's my response to a Facebook comment urging me not to jump on the bandwagon of big box development:
I was raised in a small town in England and witnessed first hand the gradual demise of my family's two generational small business due to the advent of multi car households and all of the shopping going on in larger surrounding towns with more retail options. To experience the commerce of a town shrivel up on itself is just as unappealing as allowing larger retail outfits to keep the money local. Don't assume the new manager of Petaluma's Target won't eat out downtown, sign up for community clubs and teams, support our schools and treat his/her kids to an ice cream and a visit to the theater.

John Parnell

this is from Frances' Dad...re for or against commercial development in Petaluma. Our small country town in England, in common with others has 35% of empty retail outlets.However, my courier jobs take me to many similar small towns and where they have attracted nationwide chain stores on the outskirts, the town centers have come back to life with niche markets. From personal experience after 46 yrs running my second generation newsagents shop, I found it increasingly difficult to maintain profitability, eventually having the good fortune to sell up and take a part time job to keep me active in retirement ....from John Parnell local Councillor, Crowland, Lincolnshire, England

Frank Simpson

Offered only as an observation, but admitedly with a bit of a snarky laugh, it was Raley's that put up $25,000 to help keep our July 4th show. Safeway could not get to the party in time as they were too busy scanning my driver's license.

Sorry, could not resist twisting the knife just a wee bit. :-)

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