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Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Things to remember:
1) The family don't care if your house doesn't look like Martha Stewart's Yuletide Dream.
2) Martha Stewart went to prison.
3) Through a Shiraz mist, everything will look red and gold anyway.
4) If you need pop-up advice, and it's not too late, I happen to work with Australia's best paper engineer, who specialises in pop up. (This point is serious). He could give you some help. Otherwise, just cut out pics off the internet, bend the bottom of them - and voila - they pop up.
5) My face, post dentistry, looks like a bauble, so I can be a living Christmas decoration, if that helps.


Comment from a very wise woman, indeed. Martha stewart manages to run her showcase 'ultimate family' homes like precision clockwork due to the fact that she is the only one who lives in any of them (other than various staff, no doubt), I always thought that rather ironic! As for the pop-up, I wish I'd had the heads up from youngest son a week before, he could indeed have taken some expert snip and fold tips from your colleague. Another couple of hours a night for the rest of this school week and he should be good to go. The problem is, the book he read was called 'The Hunger Games', involving a futuristic teen reality tv show in which selected youth must fight for their lives. This is translating to one charming pop-up book, as you can imagine!


When I pick myself up off the floor from laughing hysterically at Kerry's comments( I'll be keeping the Martha comment in mind come Boxing Day) I"m on my way over, first to check out the tree and second to grab a gander at the pop up book! I'll bring you a lovely latte to liven up your day...


This post has made me realise a) we haven't got many decorations in our house and b) I am an extremely generous and kind teacher with my 'less is more' approach to homework setting!!!!!!

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