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Monday, December 28, 2009


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And would you look at those nutters in the background with their shirts off..;)

Frank Simpson

4th & 5th photos...the man in the white sweater...Ian Richardhson's brother? Twin??

I know,I know--I watch too much BBC and spend too much time chasing down birds, but Richardson came to mind as soon as I saw the pixs


Keep calm and carry on, as we Brits like to say! Keen observations undoubtedly sharpened by intellectual BBC viewing, Frank! That's my Father with the snow-white hair, good looking chap that he is! He actually succeeded in consuming his first ever oyster over at Nick's. Though he lived to tell the tale (so beautifully fresh the oysters are right there on Tomales Bay), I don't think he'll be in a hurry to add the delicacy to his repertoire when back in the UK!


Unbelievable to my parents to spot someone in swimming shorts and bare chested frolicking around in the Northern California tide on a Christmas Eve, though on closer inspection it didn't take me very long to compute the identity of the owner of the brave bod - none other than the Italian hubby's top buddy Michael M initiating his great nephew from England in the strange and often extreme pursuits of an ultimate SoCo outdoors man!

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