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Monday, November 23, 2009


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Funny you should mention this experience. We recently went to our first (and last) "estate sale" down the street a few weeks back. We knew the person (she had been moved to a senior apartment complex)and literally walked away from her life in her home. It was as if she had walked out during a commercial break on TV. The house was packed with people (reminded me of vultures) clawing over the stuff. Could not take it so we left.

I can add another "sign of the times" experience--We noticed a lot of nice "stuff" in a driveway with a "FREE" sign. Some of the flower pots were really nice so I grabbed a few. I ask the "homwowner" why he was giving them away. His reply, "Short Sale!"

Talk about a party stopper...

frans mum

not a lot of unwanted unopened stuff in our house but do have a selection of wedding dresses !!AND fisher price toys


Oh goodness, how sad. I agree completely - why do we have to adorn ourselves so? In the end, it's just stuff. Bravo Frances.

Anastasia Schuster

Well put Frances. I've never been to an estate sale, but after your description I doubt I could do it.

In fact, I have a real hard time when buying an antique photo frame (I collect them for Joe's old family photos) to take the photo that's in it. It breaks my heart to not have that photo united with the family this person once belonged to,

I'm sure there are those that go through estate sales just to rummage and make a buck, but there are also those that offer reverence to the items that they'll then either treasure themselves or pass on to others indirectly. After all, every antique I've ever purchased came from someone's collection somewhere.

If only they could just take all the items out of the home first, perhaps it wouldn't feel like such a violation.

Anyway, I appreciate your unique perspective on it and am certain I would feel the same way.


Beautifully stated, Anastasia, I like that you pointed out that there are indeed many who do offer genuine reverence to the items they uncover in such sales as these.

And as for my mother's comment about the wedding dresses, ummmm, maybe it's time for me to raid the attic on my next trip back to the homeland and own up to that particular box of happy memories!

frans mum

dont worry they are my happy memories too.. in fact lots of them up above our bedroom,even old school books
belonging to our family . someone will clear them out one day

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