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Thursday, July 30, 2009


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That's brilliant!


Need some lavender, Mel? You know where to come! By the way, am very pleased to read on Mouse in the Pantry that the city of Petaluska came valiantly to the rescue last Sunday!

frans mum

mouse in the pantry! just ask fran about my experience with a mouse in her kitchen ,will never ever forget it, poor poor little thing

frans mum

ok if no body knows this poor little mouse was stuck on something i have never seen before. then what do i do with it? feet glued on to paper left it out for 8 hours in the sun . still alive, then had to drown in in a bucket of water...awful


we did abandon that approach to mouse trapping after your traumatic experience in putting the poor little mite out of his misery. Nowadays the little cat takes care of all the smaller rodents who dare to dice with death at the foot of the vineyard, leaving her ferocious big brother to patrol the upper hillside and its larger cretins!

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