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Saturday, May 30, 2009


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Are you sure somebody didn't just leave you some bananas in the hope you could find the time(as you do) to bake a batch of your world famous banana bread?


I was eyeing a bunch of browning bananas in the fruit bowl and thinking just that same thing - though only four more days of triple packed lunches for this school year, yipee! And for the record, I figured out who gifted my renowned dress up box with this latest costume creation. A certain friend who is madly clearing out her garage in preparation of a move! The same friend who shops at G&G (delivered in said brown bag) and I do recall, pulled a Carmen Miranda stunt of her own last Halloween! Busted!


You make banana bread? Can we make a deal" :-) ;-) Is it available at Aqus???????;-)


Apparently, my detective skills are not up to par. That is NOT where the case is closed. Although now I have a better idea from an informant, the infamous outfit will be making its way back to its rightful home this week! The plot thickens!

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