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Saturday, March 21, 2009


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Anastasia Schuster

Thanks a ton Frances for once again sharing about the twitchhiker. Oh how I wanted to share some GAP wines, but he got an earful from me as I explained all about our valley, the weather so conducive to wine growing, pinots in particular.

When I picked him up in SF, I purposely went West from 101 so he could see the beautiful hillsides of West Marin into our gorgeous town including a pass by McEvoy Olives - which we both were trying to figure it it's a ranch, orchard, farm, ???

I wasn't able to really show him P-Town which was a huge disappointment, but I was already running him ragged.

What I got instead is the promise that he will be back some day and when he does, I'll insist on a real P-Town experience to rival what he had in Sonoma. Wine is of course critical for that to happen, that's where the Petaluma GAP comes in! :-)


Not his fault but isn't there something wrong with someone raising about $6k and who's limo rides, star sitings, air fares and other things laid out for him costing about 10? I know that if i was asked to donate to a fundraiser who's costs are more than they raise?? They wouldn't see a dime!


I don't think that he was looking for any of these unexpected side tours & I don't think that he saw much until he arrived in hospitality-crazy California. Most of the flights came via people's airmiles and everything had to be donated by someone using Twitter, so I'd have to support his ethics in trying to keep expenses to a minimum. It is amazing what people will do when a fundraiser is truly original. Having been involved in many fundraisers for worthy causes, I know how challenging it is to peak the public's interest in coughing up some cash. At the end of the day, the wells that will be built due to his ingenious and intrepid action plan will justify any unexpected freebies he received en route. And if he does write a book, then he'll have to give a significant portion of the profits back to the original cause. Still, a good way for a freelance writer to get noticed and do some good in these troubled times.

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