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Monday, August 04, 2008


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I do try to live my life like a musical. At least when it's just Phoebe and I. I treat her to singing and dancing inspired by a broad range of musical genres....I would like Julie Walters to pop in from time to time though, I imagine she'd be a good companion for a cup of tea....


I'm sure that little Phoebe knows the entire soundtrack of the Sound of Music by now! No wonder she's such a happy girl, all that singing and dancing and twirling around Twickenham.... and as for Julie, yes, wouldn't she be a laugh at the tea table?


I Have to admit, that for someone who was spending a lot of time at the disco and almost 17 when Dancing Queen hit the charts in England, I was very emotional during that particular scene in the movie. Oh the memories!


I have been singing ABBA songs ever since we saw that show. It was a great "feel good" movie, and Meryl Streep can sing! Who knew? So fun to go with you. Let's do it again!


Disco diva you....


gosh lindsey used to do shows of abba at high school/ how many years ago? When Iwas just a young Mum of 4 children, love the music still but so far only been to the stage version, Just worried I may be like Peter Kay impression of MUM on te dance floor when I cannot resist dancing in the isle!

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