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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


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Why is Leeds castle in Kent? That is quite a personal memory Mrs.R. Thanks for sharing, I'd say you'd do the same today given half a chance.


Apparently it was named after the Saxon manor of 'Esledes'...They still have 'picnic concerts under the stars', I must see if there are any next summer..!!!


Fantastic - very Brideshead. Thank God for the unitard, although memories of eaxctly where those poppers gives me shivers.


I should clarify for concerned friends, I certainly would not have posted this had the said 'unitard' been remotely see-through. The lace pattern was quite dense! And yes, those horrible poppers eventually caused the 'unitard' demise. Now it's all body shaping spanx and the like, which you would not, in one million years, or for one million dollars see me swim a castle moat in, in public.

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