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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


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Brenda Lhormer

Hi there.. I am so glad you saw the movie. My name is Brenda Lhormer and my husband Marc and I produced the film, and we live here in Sonoma. I have to give credit for all those vintage French cars to American Eagle Studios in Santa Rosa who cast the extras AND rounded up those cars from all over Sonoma County, and beyond. We shot most of the film in Sonoma (not Napa) - at Kunde Estates Winery, Buena Vista Winery, E. Napa Street in Sonoma, in and around the Sonoma Plaza, in Glen Ellen - we have a great "Bottle Shock Tour" itinerary for visitors to follow! Would love to answers questions or comments about the movie. We started this project in 2005.. and now we are in theatres nationally and plan for a Feb DVD release! I hope wine and film lovers will check out this locally produced little independent film that we made with love (and sweat). Cheers, Brenda and Marc Lhormer

Frances Rivetti

Brilliant, thanks so much for taking a moment to comment on my post, Brenda! I kept looking for familiar local extras all the while, as I knew it was quite a big deal during filming in these parts. Fantastic that you actually shot here in Sonoma County. The scenery was gorgeous! I also enjoyed the Toscana Hotel shot and the boxing ring. We have a flat area at the top of our little vineyard hillside, and I suggested to my husband that he may like to duke it out with our three boys up there every once in a while. I am wondering if the judging scene was shot at Jack London State Park. Beautiful spot. Congratulations on making the film and thanks for spotlighting our fabulous regional wines for the whole entire world!


Wow! Great comments. I have to say that my absolutely favorite line in the movie was Alan Rickman's (Steven Spurrior) " You probably think I'm an arsehole, but I'm not I'm just British and you're not." Brilliant! Perhaps we should take that Bottle Shock tour?

Frances Rivetti

I think we should take the Bottle Shock Tour! How do we get a copy of your wonderful itinerary, Brenda?


Count me in too!

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