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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


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Sheep are a rare sight here, and it's nice to see them being put to good use. Where I'm from in Lancashire sheep abound.


Yes, it is surprisingly entertaining to watch them in action - we've become accustomed to the sight of landscape laborers dousing the edges of the countryside with round-up and the like for so long, now, that the concept of sustainable maintenance is well overdue. Where in Lancashire are you from, Jan? My most dedicated reader, and frequent commenter Lesley is from Staley Bridge, Lancashire, though living for a good long time here in Sonoma County!


Nope, Mrs R. Stalybridge is actually in Cheshire. But I am Ashton under Lyne born and bred which is in Lancashire, making me a lovely lassie from Lancashire.


Enough with the alliteration, Lovely! In Jersey, it's all about what exit you're from. (turnpike exit, that is.) I'm 7A.


I stand (again) corrected. Those county borders had me all confused! Yet, she's a Lancashire lass through and through, despite my miscalculations on a geographical note! And as for you, 7A, sounds like a perfectly delightful turnpike in which to have formed your inimitable New Jersey character!

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