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Monday, June 30, 2008


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I have been thinking about doing just that, only there are few safe roads to ride on where I live. I would encourage those who are in cars to keep and eye out for those of us who are on two wheels... it's not easy feeling safe riding side by side with an SUV (especially without bike lanes!)


well, you do have that hip and amazing organic bakery down the street in Penngrove, Suzanne. I could easily be enticed to pedal down those country lanes for the lure of a freshly baked cinnamon roll or a loaf of olive bread or the likes .... kind of defeats the object though, I suppose. Unless you take it home and share it four ways!


Every so often I am paced across town by a brave young fellow on an old one speed bike. "No helmet, and no stops" seems to be his mantra. He makes terrifying dashes through red lights at busy intersections without even seeming to look for oncoming traffic. Remarkably, he ALWAYS covers the distance from Valley Vista to North McDowell more quickly than I do (obeying the rules of the road). Though quite concerned for his safety, I have to admit I'm impressed with how quickly one could bike across town even while being cautious. I'm just too afraid to try it. I have been mulling the idea of a scooter though...


have printed this latest blog on the joys of cyclists to give to all my patients who decide they cannot keep their appointments because their car has broken down 3 mins from surgery....happened today again!!!!twice!!!!


Fitness levels in village life in the UK have apparently declined to near-American standards of slobbiness. How far can it be from point A to point B in a little town that size? Maybe a fifteen minute from the farthest outpost to your medical facility. Tell them all not to be such lazy bones and get back on the bikes of yesteryear. I remember growing up there and it being the most common form of transport for little, old ladies in their tweed skirts and cardies and tights and sensible shoes and handbags, to tootle up to the shops on their trusty old bicycles. And as for you, Mum, there was a time when you sported double child seats on your bike, which you succeeded in balancing for frequent trips to the grocery shop. What a super Mum you were, and are! No wonder I take such notions to go grocery shopping on two wheels in 90 degree heat.


Ironically more people cycle per head in London than anywhere else in the UK, depsite the plethora of public transport options and scary road traffic! I'm in the market for a traditional 'Dutch bike' (old fashioned, black, chunky, basket on the front). They're all the rage with the fashionable set. Just need to find one that fits a child seat!

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