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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


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What time should I come over?


Are you psychic, or just busy ironing the flag?


Ooh, how bad of me. I didn't realise it was today! Just to prove your point.....maybe fish and chips tonight, then!


Do you still have a good, traditional chippie in your neighborhood, or have they all disappeared in preference of panini bars and tapas?


No, we have three really good chippies within a one mile radius, which is handy. Or dangerous!!


I settled for serving up a dinner of Toad in the Hole with beans and mashed potato, followed by homemade cherry Bakewell tart. Low cal, low carb. Not! One of the boys had a classmate over for dinner while doing a French culture point project. Poor girl must have thought us a bit extreme in the ex-pat family dining experience. Until I explained the significance of St George's Day and our small role in reviving traditions at the table. Steak au poivre with frites would have been more in keeping with their project. A very multicultural evening!

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