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Saturday, March 29, 2008


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I remember the most amazing apple and gooseberry crisp that I had in the Lake District so many years ago. I was traveling during the term break from Exeter with a friend attending Oxford.... we stumbled upon this amazing restaurant... I wish I could remember the name. Thanks for making me think of it.


I love it hot and I love it cold the next day, and I have never met an American who has confessed to having enjoyed gooseberries. Or an Italian for that matter. Are you sure you don't have any English in you, Suzanne? Personally, I am gaga for a good gooseberry crumble!


My Dad grew little, hairy, green gooseberries in the back garden. Every Sunday afternoon in the summer months he would bake a gooseberry pie or crumble. Such a pleasant memory.


Sounds deee-lish. My favourite crumble is rhubarb, but Tim doesn't like it so I daren't make it at home or I'll eat it all. Fingers crossed Phoebe likes rhubarb, gooseberries, fruit cake.....
I made a lovely banana cake yesterday - added a few sultanas which are surprisingly tasty with the bananas and mixed nuts..


I am sensing some serious competition in the traditional British pudding department, sis! Though, who wouldn't want a slice of that banana cake?!Keep on baking, I say!

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