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Sunday, January 20, 2008


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Will Kuleto let down his guard long enough to let a Ramsey type in? Maybe he should!


I don't think even Gordon R. could help Nicks's Cove. Firstly they made a big mistake getting rid of the jackalope that adorned the wall in NC's previous incarnation. Then they attemped to decorate like a "real fifties fish house" but it ends up looking like a stage set or a Disney ride. It looks like they're imitating Tony's down the road in Marshall...but Tony's is the real thing! The wine prices are outrageous and the oyster presetation racks absurd. And valet parking in West Marin? Come on!


Yes, but with all that said, Nick's Cove still has tremendous potential and I think that that is the point here. Look at the location and as Frances said look at the beautiful drive from just about anywhere in the North Bay. Any really good restaurant depends a lot on the skill of timing both in the kitchen and out, it seems that timing is what is sadly amiss at Nick's and once they get that organized we could be looking at a fantastic spot for lunch, brunch or a delightful dinner.

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