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Friday, December 28, 2007


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I thought it odd too that noone seemed to care too much. If it had been an American president the world would have stopped. Nary a blip on the television screen. Strange, really. Just goes to show how egocentric we really are here in the old US of A.


Yesterday's local and world news was distrubing so close to the holidays! I was a delighted Mom when my oldest son came home with a ton of laundry to do. A chore so dreaded, but I was just thankful that I had him home for a bit and I could provide the mom service of doing it. So many of our local sons and daughters are not bringing their laundry home this year!
Have a wonderful New Year and give those sons of yours a hug for me!


Will do, Karen! And as I was up to my shoulders in holiday week laundry this morning, I took a minute's pause to remind myself how much I will miss those endless piles of boxers and jeans and T's in a few years time! Good to hear how much it means to have your grown up kids back in the fold for a few days. Happy New Year to all in the N/P clan!

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