Hi! I'm Frances Rivetti

Greetings from the Tastiest Little Place on Earth, my Fog Valley, the last best place in Northern California wine country! I hope you enjoy my simple go-to-guide to Southern SoCo culture — tasty food, books, bubbles, fermentations and brews, art, music, special events, my favorite people and places to visit and stay. If I love it, I share it. Off-the-beaten track and proud of its authentic personality, Southern Sonoma County is home to an eclectic and vibrant community of artists, designers, inventors, foodies, farmers, wine, beer and cheese makers, green businesses, multi-generational families and creative newcomers. An unspoiled place that international chefs and tastemakers call the New Provence. Though the spotlight is great, those of us who live here & love this quirky little micro region are working hard to maintain the essence of its unique character and soul. As an independent journalist and author, I am constantly inspired to share stories of my adopted home here at the gateway to Wine County and neighboring coastal Marin county. While I'm busy penning my first novel, find my non-fiction books "Fog Valley Crush" and "Fog Valley Winter" here online and in several stores in Southern Sonoma County's riverfront city of Petaluma — including Copperfield's Books, The Find, Field Works and Petaluma Home & Garden. Enjoy!